What are guitar lessons like?

We all love music! So why are so many people fearful of, dread or just put off learning a musical instrument? After years of teaching, I am getting closer to an answer...


The problem

The thought process for adults and children are different. Children many times view learning a musical instrument as "just more homework." It's another thing to check off the ever growing list of things to get done. Adults, on the other hand, are fearful of not being creative enough or physically capable.

What went wrong?

Most guitar lessons for kids focus on the "facts" of music. While these are important, little time is spent on creativity, music appreciation, and overall enjoyment of just making music. Adults need the above as well, but benefit from deeper understanding of how and why. With a clear picture of how and why, the physical challenges for an adult or child can always be alleviated. With students as young as 5 and as old as 88, there is always a balance.

It is amazing when you can tap into the areas of curiosity, creativity, and natural inquisitiveness of a student. It's ok to relax a bit in order to remove any roadblocks that get in the way of reaching a student's full potential.

The Solution

It is my dream that every student, young and old, walks away from a lesson inspired by creativity, exploration, joy, and fun. 

My students:

  • Learn to read music and rhythm from day one so that they are prepared for playing all types of music

  • Review and retain all their lessons through creativity and even writing their own music (even beginners!)

  • Get all the benefits that science has shown music instruction provides including increased academic performance, higher IQs, memory enhancement, etc. All of this done in an encouraging and positive environment

  • Move at a faster than average pace from beginner to intermediate playing

  • Receive clear direction of their music during their weekly guitar classes so they feel energized instead of lost and confused when they get home

Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Instruction

Upon reaching an intermediate level of skill, students have many more options to explore. Students have the option to guide their own music choices. They can participate in national exams that certify levels of competency on the guitar and in music. Advanced students are taught how to write music, improvisation, college-level theory, and advanced playing techniques during their guitar lessons.

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