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Two Pitfalls To Technical Practice

1. Thinking It Should Be Easier

Good technique on the guitar takes time. Making great music, takes good technique. Acquiring it isn't always as easy as we might think.

2. Not Enough Variety

Not having the technical ability to play the pieces we want is frustrating. When it comes to technical work, most of us play the same exercises over and over. This just stagnates development.

There Is A Better Way!

For only $9.99 a month, join the only subscription of its kind and begin using weekly technical guitar practice sheets and a monthly étude. This material is used by players from all walks of life around the world. You'll have fresh material each week moving you forward. You can stay with exercises you need more time with or move on to the next set of material. There is always something to improve upon. New! All material is in standard notation and tablature.

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