Student Performed Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major


I am going to take this opportunity to brag that recently a student of mine performed Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major! His name is Eli and took on the challenge and made me extremely proud. Few teachers get the chance to say that a student performed Vivaldi's concerto or any concerto for that matter. I am often overwhelmed by the success that students have but this is a definite milestone in his life.

He is obviously a great student but what makes this event special is that it was his first true performance...EVER! It is difficult for most to perform in front of others as a solo guitarist without any other instruments dependent on our playing. But a concerto is different, and the entire accompaniment should be moving with you and the conductor's direction.


We worked through many different elements of performing leading up to the concert. We worked on visualization for memory, solfege and singing for musical phrasing, and practice performances for psychological conditioning (let me know if you want to work on these as well). Eli put all solo guitar pieces aside leading up to the event. He, of course, maintained his technical studies as the foundation for solid technique and endurance.


His playing was not flawless but it was pretty close. His demeanor and presentation was at a level beyond what I have seen at many collegiate recitals. Many times I find that college level students treat performing for an audience without enough respect. Their attire and attitude on stage diminishes their overall effect as a performer. This concert and presentation respected the audience and the other musicians on stage.

I could not be more proud and am looking forward to where this young man goes. He may not become a professional musician but the lessons he learns from the guitar will benefit him throughout any field he chooses to enter. Awesome Eli!