Guitar Practice Record: May 8, 2018 (Tuesday)

I have been keeping records of my practice ever since I began playing guitar. Sometimes more consistently than others. For the past year Evernote has been my choice for storing the daily, monthly, and yearly notes about practicing. Yesterday, after teaching a lesson and being asked how I practice, the idea of putting it on the blog for a week so you can see how I document my practice. I thought it might be helpful to some. It also might be a complete bore because it is the same information with variation every day for a week. Well...I've decided to put it here anyway.

Please ask any questions about what you see that may not be clear by the bullet points. The notes are actually copied directly from my Evernote files that I will be maintaining simultaneously. As a disclaimer, the purchase links are there to let you know exactly what I am working on and to help with the cost of writing any posts on this blog. I get a small (very small) commission from the transaction if you decide to make one. 

I hope it will be of help to someone. It will be changing, slowly, over time. However, each day you will notice a difference in the pieces. This is to keep the older pieces in rotation for performance. Thanks for reading. 


  • Coordination Exercises

  • C-A-G-E-D Major Scales

  • Étude Simples VI (L. Brouwer) - Purchase

  • Op. 48 No. 5 (M. Giuliani) - Purchase


  • Giuliani Revisited (C. Berg) arpeggios 77-80 - Purchase

  • Played all the rhythms and alternate rhythms for each arpeggio


A Major 3 Octave Scale

  • Rhythm variation (e + s + s / s + s + e) @ 108 bpm

  • Triplets with accent on 1 @ 108 bpm

  • Full scale @ 168 bpm playing sixteenths

F# Melodic Minor 3 Octaves

  • Rhythm variation (e + s + s / s + s + e) @ 108 bpm

  • Triplets with accent on 1 @ 108 bpm

  • Full scale @ 168 bpm playing sixteenths

Virtuoso Slur Exercises

Slurs and Finger Independence Exercises

  • Ex. 1-6


Op. 60 No. 20 (Carcassi) - Purchase

  • Rhythm variation (e + s + s) @ 84 bpm

Nuevo Metado, Section 3, Study 8 (D. Aguado) - Purchase

  • Controlled play through to remind hands of movement after not playing in two days

New/Reworking Repertoire

Turegano (F. Moreno-Torroba)

Vals Venezolano No. 1 (A. Lauro)

    Focus on m. 25

Capricho Árabe (F. Tárrega)

Repertoire Maintenance Rotation

Vals Venezolano No. 2 (A. Lauro)

  • Switched where shift happens to measure 5 in VII Position

  • Much smoother transition for this tricky passage

Suite del plata no. 1 (M.D. Pujol)- Purchase

  1. Preludio

  2. Tango

  3. Milonga

Un dia de noviembre (L. Brouwer) - Purchase

Op. 29 No. 13 (F. Sor) - Purchase