Weekend Playlist (Revisited): Ricardo Cobo's Lullaby Album

I recently decided to return to sharing my weekend playlists. The music of the guitar speaks to me in many ways and at many times throughout my life. Therefore, I thought I would make the return with this post. Mainly, it’s because I love and cherish the little ones that give my life more meaning.

This weekend playlist is a bit different than usual. It is unusual because it features just one album. It is the album Lullaby by Ricardo Cobo. I decided to do this album and select pieces for my playlist because I have three kids. I have played this album many times soothing them to sleep. Not only does Cobo play beautifully, as always, but the selection works on the kids almost every time. By the end of the album, everyone is asleep in a hopefully magical dream world with the sounds of the guitar.

About The Playlist

I have not theme or science behind the choices below. These are just some of my favorite pieces played by one of my favorite guitarists. I don't believe this is one Cobo's well known recordings. If you have never heard it, then you are in for a wonderful treat! The works here are by some of the biggest names in guitar and some are “hits” in the guitar world. I dare to say that the Kleynjans and the Assad compositions fall below the radar when it comes to their “hits.” If any of this music strikes your fancy, then consider supporting Cobo by purchasing his album (click this link to get it on Amazon).

Ricardo Cobo's Lullaby Album Playlist

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