Music Pack | January 2018


This month's music pack consists of a lovely piece by Fernando Sor. It is a waltz from Opus 8 (No. 2 to be exact). The piece has three major sections with different textures and melodic content to keep the music interesting. You will find great work here on bringing out the melody while playing thirds and a lovely bass part for the thumb in the first section. There are also a few grace notes and one slur to develop for the piece to sound well rounded.

I typeset this piece using Notion 6 again. I have been more and more pleased with the results of the final score and the musical output. There is no perfect notation editor. It misses on a number of marks that I always have to find work arounds. But that is the case with every musical software I've used for notation.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do. It is a sweet waltz by a one of the great masters of the guitar. Hope your winter isn't too cold to practice!

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