Music Pack | December 2017


This month's music pack consists of only one piece by Francisco Tárrega. It is a well known piece to many , Prelude No. 5 in E major, and seems rather simple. However, there are many musical challenges in the piece. Many students struggle with the chords that rise above the body of the guitar. Others do not fully understand the way in which the portamentos are meant to be played through the piece. This description is meant to spur you on to further reading and investigation on your own concern these topics.

I typeset this piece using Musescore 2.1. Musescore has done an amazing job in this version. However, you will notice a distinct difference in the audio sounds compared to the previous pack (done with Notion software). The audio does not capture a real guitar sound and it plays havoc with the portamentos. In any case, the audio is meant to give a basic understanding of the sound of the piece and not interpretation.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do. It is a wonderful prelude by a one of the great masters of the guitar. Have fun and happy holidays!

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