New Book: Sight Reading Mastery - A resource for all guitarists

It has been a while since the release of a new product. This time it is a bit different because it is the first product (hopefully of many) published by Charleston Classical Guitar. The book is in digital and paperback formats and currently is available through

Below is the introduction from the book to give you a bit of insight into what the book is about. Over the next few months previous releases will be added to the site including the 2nd edition of Play What You Hear: An approach for all guitarists.

This book is the culmination of over a decade of experimenting with getting people to sight read  uently on the guitar. The biggest challenge to any sight reading endeavor is to have immediate access to where the note is on the guitar at any given position. The problem seems more di cult on the guitar than other instruments due to the many places any given note exists on the instrument.The following exercises are a direct outgrowth of this problem in trying to systematically organize a solution.

You will not  nd any information on beginning to read notes on the guitar.This book takes for granted that you can  nd where basic notes exist on the instrument and locate them with the corresponding position on the musical sta .You will also  nd that there are no time signatures, key signatures, or rhythms given.This will be discussed further in the explanation of how to approach practicing these exercises.

Finally, there are no common guitar markings such as string numbers and left hand  ngerings because the method is based on position playing. In a piece of music this becomes an e ective guide but defeats our purposes of immediate recognition of the note on the page and the guitar at any given position.

My hope is that you  nd this as a lifelong aid in the quest to become as proficient a guitarist as possible. This book seeks to  ll the note reading gap for classical, jazz, rock, and any other guitarist looking to hone their sight reading skills.

I hope you take the time to check it out and make the exercises a part of your daily practice. As I have seen with all my students using these exercises, you will improve on sight reading and note recognition in steady and consistent amount of time. Have fun!