Three Ways To Find Motivation To Practice When It’s Lacking

Listen To Some Classical Guitar

I believe that everyone that takes on the challenge of such a large undertaking as playing a musical instrument will inevitably lose motivation at some point. A good place to begin to recapture that motivation is to listen to some classical guitar music. I stress the listening aspect because I find that watching someone play can be at times more frustrating and depressing.

When we listen only, we have the opportunity to close our eyes and focus entirely on the music itself. This takes us away from the temptation to focus on the technical prowess of the player and turn our attention to the music itself. It is in making beautiful music that we should find our greatest inspiration to continue our journey on the guitar.

Review Your Goals

Any task we desire to complete is a goal. Our lives are made of large goals, medium goals, and small goals. Usually small goals are recorded daily as tasks. The difference between medium and large goals is usually in the time to completion paired with difficulty.

If you are a guitarist, then you need to be setting goals. I am amazed that someone expects to improve over a long period of time without definite goals in mind. Goals need not be just to play a piece of music to continuity or a scale to a certain tempo. Goals can be inward focused as in level of mindfulness while practicing. They can also be about habitual movement or playing.

No matter what you are looking to accomplish on the guitar, you need to write down where you desire to end up. Wandering with the guitar gives you very little success in the overall journey.

Ask Yourself The “Why?” Question

Along with setting goals comes the idea of asking the “why?” question. Why you desire to play the guitar should always be in your focus at each practice session. 

  • Do you play to become a virtuoso?
  • Do you play to work on mindfulness?
  • Do you play for stress relief?
  • Do you play to better your understanding of music?
  • Do you play for the joy of making the beautiful sound of guitar fill your life? 
  • Do you play for mental development and emotional connection to life?
  • Do yo play to earn money?

I am sure I could come up with at least a dozen more reasons to add to this list. But the actual reason should be one that is personal to you and keeps you honest with your ability, time, and goals. The “why” is the main element of playing the guitar that will keep you moving forward and allow the work to pay its dividends to you soul.