About The Guitar Studio


Guitar Lessons in Charleston

Charleston Classical Guitar is a local guitar studio in West Ashley where Ashley Hall Road and Ashley River Road meet.

Are you looking for convenient, local guitar lessons in Charleston? Consider many of the advantages:

Guitar Lessons Near Me

The studio is convenient to your location. The studio is 15 minutes from most locations downtown, Mount Pleasant, James Island, and North Charleston. For our students from Summerville, it takes them a little less than 30 minutes.

Outstanding Instruction

It can be difficult to find a local guitar teacher that offers a thriving lesson studio atmosphere. Beginning lessons are always fun. But for students who want to get more serious, I offer students the opportunity to compete in the Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program. This is an internationally-recognized achievement program for kids and adults of all ages. No other studio in the Charleston area offers this incredible opportunity for guitarists.

Student Focus

Students love playing songs they know! Not only do I teach the foundations of music… I help students find music that they love and include it in their lessons. Each student has a specific musical "DNA" that I want to help develop as they work to greater levels of playing.

Finally, this is just a small taste of what the Charleston Classical Guitar has to offer.

Contact me today for more information or to set-up a no-cost introductory lesson.