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Empowering lives through music.



The classical guitar music education spans over a vast breadth of ages and skill levels. It is unique in the continual focus on experience, research, and application. This enables for greater success and enjoyment for both the student and teacher.

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Personal Development

Many do not realize the power that learning a musical instrument has in transforming a life. Many intrinsically know it is true, but one must actual experience it to make it a reality.

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The Aging Mind

It has been said that the mind is "a terrible thing to waste." Yet, as a people in general we tend to allow our minds to waste away in the aging process. Music helps in many ways to benefit the mind during aging.

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Social Engagement

There should be nothing more satisfying than playing and sharing music with others. An orchestra or ensemble is a great place to begin. And, salons allow for sharing of music and ideas.

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Lasting impact

Dedicated to excellence.

Charleston Classical Guitar is dedicated to excellence. There is a lot of fun that happens in making music, but the ability to create beauty does take time, effort, and dedication. Our desire is to be a source of great change in the lives of those we serve. It is with excellence that this change has a lasting impact.